Watch “Heart of the Chesapeake,” produced for the Crisfield Chamber of Commerce. This short promotional video captures the Pride of the Chesapeake Bay. What has long been considered the Crab Capital of the World, Crisfield is more than just pretty parades, crab derbies and clam bakes–it is the heart of the Chesapeake.
credits: original concept, script, direction, photography, editorial by Big Picture Media. Original song and lyrics “Crisfield, Heart of the Chesapeake” by Brett Barry and Buzz Lerch and performed by Brett Barry © 2011 Open Heaven Music.


Watch “A trip down Whitty’s Ditch,” produced by CHF Volunteer Philip L Goldsborough around 2012. The ditch is a natural waterway used by the Juett Family in the colonial period. This waterway was named by the people of the Crisfield community for Mr. Whittington Juett, who used it to navigate his small boats out to Jenkins Creek.  In 1961 the State of Maryland enlarged the ditch to increase the water flow into Somers Cove Marina. Cedar Island has a long history, from Native American Indians of the Pocomoke Tribe up to the present day sanctuary.